Kö-Bogen, currently in design, is a six-story 432,300-square-foot office and retail complex for downtown Düsseldorf which marks an important transition between urban space and landscape.Two city blocks are joined with one continuous roof line, forming a unified space for walking, shopping and working. The building will also create a connected space between the Schadowplatz and the Hofgarten, the central park in Düsseldorf. Kö-Bogen is situated along the Köenigsallee Boulevard (nicknamed Kö by the locals) and will relate in height and expression, as well as in façade design and material, to the traditionally-aligned buildings of this great urban space. With its green rooftops, Kö-Bogen will help shape the connection between the Koenigsallee and the Hofgarten, forming one continuous green space from the city center to the Tonhalle and the Rhine. Kö-Bogen is made up of both straight and curved geometry, its shape a reflection of the buildings and landscape around it. The straight lines are meant to reflect the city context, matching the building line on the Koenigsallee. The curved lines, which maneuver within and around Kö-Bogen's courtyards, create more fluid connections with the pedestrian environment. Permeated cuts into Kö-Bogen itself will allow for the landscape to naturally blend and flow into the building space, connecting it further with the environment. The green courtyards and green roof become part of a new environment that bridges urban space with park space, a fitting entryway to and from the Hofgarten. By creating a new pedestian zone, Ko-Bogen will eliminate traffic from the area and create a pedestrian connection through the city center to the building. By eliminating traffic from the Koe-Bogen, a new passageway will reach from Gustaf-Gruendgens-Platz over Schadowplatz and Corneliusplatz, all the way to the Marktplatz – a space of yet unknown quality for Düsseldorf. The program for Kö-Bogen calls for flagship retail stores on the three lower floors and offices with business centers on the three upper floors. A two-story connecting bridge with roof terrace connects the east and west blocks of Kö-Bogen; between the two blocks are green courtyard spaces, which will also provide generous daylight to the interior offices. The passage between Schadowplatz and Hofgarten then works as a public space with benches and planters leading to a new bridge across Wallgraben.


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