Just Style Hotel at Less Than a Tower

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Just Style Hotel at Less Than a Tower
Just Style hotel at Less than a Tower Building When sustainability means create conditions to urban life The present project is a palimpsest, a table with many written and projected preceding histories. It has the thickness of the time and still he is sensible to changes in the future. Nevertheless we thought that it is a good example to illustrate as long time projects generates better ones. In our fast food culture this type of projects are the exception. We thought that time have sculpt the project and has improved its urban environment. The project looks for make tangible, real, measurable, some premises in which we believe. The building is an exercise of density and compactness. Simultaneously it’s a catalyst of urban space. We believe in dense cities, in compact cities, in sustainable cities as a result of previous realities. Here we could propose to turn a building of PB+4 and 70mts of facade, in a building of PB+10 and 12.45mts. We could turn a simple building, its volumetric and insensible configuration to the conditions of the context in a building articulated in its volumes and sensible to the lateral streets, attending to the Passeig Sant Antoni and formalized it with a certain urban scale, from the human scale. Another premise: Our aim is to think and to do relational buildings, not dumb, and autism objects, but rather projects that can change with the light of the day (aluminum facade), projects that make possible some encounter spaces (the V shape plan), projects which help to understand the section of a street (the english patio in the different entrances), buildings that look for to establish a dialogue with the surrounding without falling in self-congratulation. In other words, to make buildings alive, with diverse lecture levels, offering changing answers. Briefly the project must solve the encounter of a district (triangle), plenty of narrow streets and almost suburban structure, with the great avenue of the Passeig de Sant Antoni. In order to increase in a degree the complexity of that encounter, the district of the Triangle is located 3mts. below level 0 from the avenue. And in the middle of that skin complexity, we have a plagued underground of rail train connections and infrastructures. The final result summarizes in three decisions the adopted urban solution: 1. - The building maintains the main directions of the district that it has underneath. Acts like "an urban bridge", a connector between the orthogonal tissue of the Triangle and the oblique and forced direction of the Passeig de Sant Antoni. 2. - In ground floor the project recognizes the Passeig de Sant Antoni and consumes all the lot surface. In plant 1ª recognizes the Eusebi Planas street and therefore all the preceding urban tissue. Volumetrically it is even adapted to the logic of this tissue. Plans above, the building is freed and becomes a tower with four winds, four facades, four cardinal points. 3. - The volume of the tower separated from the edges of the plot, transform blind walls into facades and allowed the building to have cross ventilation and natural light.. The tower is the nexus between the plan of the avenue and the urban structure of the district below. This forces it to raise up to 10 heights but it could have been higher. The tower is not in fact a high building for the parameters of Barcelona but due to the little surface by plant (250m2) it becomes a rectangle of 12,45x19,00. These measures give the tower some sense of slenderness. In addition contextually the building is compared to buildings of 10 and 11 heights that we have ahead, looking for a equal relations between both sides of the avenue.


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