Joyce–Collingwood Station

Joyce–Collingwood Station (formerly Joyce Station) is located on an elevated portion of the Expo Line, a part of Metro Vancouver's SkyTrain rapid transit system.

The station is on Joyce Street at Vanness Avenue, in the area of Vancouver known as Collingwood. Formerly an industrial area, the area in the immediate vicinity of this station is being redeveloped as Collingwood Village, a denser community of high-rise condos. The "Collingwood" portion of the name was added in 2001 in order to try and reflect a positive presence imposed by SkyTrain on the surrounding community, as this station had been known to have a particularly negative community impact in terms of inducing high rates of crime and violence since its opening in the mid-80s.

Joyce Station was built in 1985 as part of the original Expo Line, and provides services to a number of TransLink bus routes serving eastern Vancouver and Burnaby, as well as the number 41 (regular service) and 43 (express) bus routes that runs westward to the University of British Columbia.

The station is on the old right-of-way once used by the old British Columbia Electric Railway Central Park Line; this line ran from just west of Nanaimo Station all the way to where the current New Westminster Station is located.

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