Jodrell Laboratory Extension
The Jodrell Laboratory is one of Kew’s most important research facilities. Here scientists carry out studies on plant anatomy, cytology and biochemistry. An important strand of the work they do is to find ways of using plant resources for the benefit of humans. The project integrates Kew’s Mycology, Palynology & Economic Botany sections by improving and extending the existing Jodrell Laboratory. The new building provides additional laboratory space and re-locates and consolidates several research libraries. It will also house the largest and finest collection of mycology specimens in the world. The new building provides an additional 2,200m² of accommodation arranged as two storeys over a single basement. As the building is passively ventilated, floor and roof slabs are left exposed to view to allow the structure to exchange heat as air flows across its surface. Floors are composites of pre-cast and cast in-situ concrete and are supported by a steel frame which is also exposed to view.