JLI house
The concept was about massive, void and liquid. The house aims to bring new freedom to the design, in order to cover the contemporary ever-changing ways of living, the architect attempts to explore how the space in between transform to each other and the fluidity of movement between them.   The house raised up and supported by forest of pillars, create a void garden space below. Due to the skin material, the house seems to be a floating light box on the site. New filter facade, controlling west sun and giving a new sense of space, liquid, fluid space, ambience, flowing through the inner furniture.   The sustainable concept adopted as the house design strategy, with double skin, cross ventilation, sky light where to allow penetration of sun light during cold winter. A very efficient climate control system.   Architect’s statement, MCP Arquitectura:
Perimeter as space, structure as reformulation of tree forest, winning all the surface of the floor plan to garden, two types of circulations, transversal, between technical furniture and perimetral, around inner space, defining a new type of medium and changing space between them. And the game with the inner-outer new space is the living.


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