The JK Building is located in Brasil, specifically in the city of São Paulo, the biggest one in South America, and is the main financial, corporate and mercantile center. The traffic was a important factor when choosing this product that is a mix of a corporate and residential building, that is justified by the access readiness, life quality gain, safety and privacy, as the garage and the social areas are totally independent. The process begins with the creation of the plan, which is primarily defined to be able to visualize the space divisions, adapted to the life style, to the future users longing, to the inherent and peculiars aspects of the region, to the technological advances and to the environment concern. A “mix` tower that includes a commercial building with 15 floors, 08 complex per floor, being 05 of this floors with loft and a ceiling height around 7,00 meters, a floor with 530,00 private square meters and a ground floor with the ceiling height of 9,00 meters that includes the theater and events area; and a residential building with 37 floors and apartments that varies from 68,50 square meters to 137,00 square meters, that has a ground floor with a ceiling height with 8,00 meters long and a program that includes a lounge, a cover warmed lane, gym, squash court, gastronomy place, game room: areas that propitiate the family social contact, in an intelligent and comfortable way, without any kind of loosing in the circulations of the place, respecting the natural light and visibility. This fusion originated a conception that reflects the identity care with each integrating part of the tower, with access and independent areas, among a contemporary and innovative product, highlighted aspect due to the terrace form and to the materials used in the composition of its front. The front is a result of an animated plastically plan and elaborated valuing the spaces. The use of glass and details in bright colors, the wide window, highlight a product extremely modern and dragged for the region. This project reflects the compromise of creating spaces to supply, not just the future dweller necessities and expectations, in a functional way, as well as understand him in the context that is inserted.


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