Jing's Residence Boutique hotel

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Jing's Residence Boutique hotel

Project name:Jing's Residence Boutique hotel Address: Ping Yao, Shanxi Province, China) Size: 1500m2 Time: 2009.5.14 A boutique hotel in three Qing Dynasty houses is designed in a minimalist way to emphasize the original beauty of the buildings.Jing's Residence, a boutique hotel located at Ping Yao, one of the most ancient cities in China. Up to this moment, there still maintains ancient and beautiful architectural complex, attracting each year a great number of tourists from both home and abroad. Jing's Residence mainly consists of two compounds: the old compound, and the new compound. In architectural appearance, both compounds carried on their traditional features, and yet blended with new design elements in their interior design just right, annotating skillfully the traditional Chinese culture and modern life. Design philosophy: while fully demonstrating the historical styles and features, requirement to the interior design of the old architecture of the Jing's Residence is to embody a kind of design of modern life style, to seek the turning point of design in the ancient and modern combination. The designer adopts extremely few design method in order to stress the original aesthetic feeling of the ancient architecture. A combination of static and dynamic: architecture is the concretion of time, accompanied with the lapse of time, it becomes all the more vicissitudinous, tranquil and auspicious; yet bamboo in the courtyard is surely the beginning of new life, eager to have a try, flourishing at any cost. A combination of ancient and new: it can be said that a hundred years of history separates the old and the new compounds. Therefore, in the new compound architectural design, it continued the traditional architectural style, and made a fine architectural selection of color.


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