Jeremiah Morrow Bridge
The Jeremiah Morrow Bridge is a pair of parallel continuous truss bridges. The deck truss bridge utilizes a modified Warren truss design and is continuous across five spans . It spans the Little Miami River gorge between Fort Ancient and Oregonia, Ohio. The bridges carry Interstate 71 and are 239 feet (73 m) above the river, making them the tallest bridges in Ohio. Additionally, the bridges are approximately 2300 ft (700m) in length, making them two of the longest interstate bridges in the state. Each bridge carries two lanes of traffic. No toll is imposed at either end. The bridges are named for Governor Jeremiah Morrow. Long term plans call for replacing both spans, although it is not clear how this would be accomplished, what the design would be, or how many lanes replacement(s) would carry. As of 2007, the replacement is in the design phase. It is possible that reconstruction may be expedited, as these bridges are approximately the same design and age as the I-35W Mississippi River bridge which collapsed in 2007.

Viewing from above and below
Southbound and northbound Interstate 71 users were permitted to stop at scenic overlooks to view the bridges from the rim of the gorge. This ended in 2006. The Little Miami Scenic Trail passes under the bridges on the east bank, close to river level, providing an impressive view from below. Trail users, especially first-timers, may stop to gaze before proceeding. There is no sign on the trail to identify the bridges nor give their height. There is no obvious path to ascend to the rim of the gorge from below the bridges, so trail users view the bridges from only one perspective.