Jeju Cultural Heritage Centre

Located on the Jeju island, this is a proposal for 3,500 sqm exhibition and educational facility dedicated to cultural heritage of the island where local identity is distinctive. Inspired by the local artefacts to be exhibited here, the proposal is an attemp to blend the image of nature and the culture. The strong imagery resembles the locally simbolic material, the basalt rock, however underneath this image, there is a underlying geometrical rigor based on the equilateral triangles. The aim was to represent the image of nature though a highly artificial and rationalised geometrical process. The geometry was design to create multiplicity of formal perception from muliple angles while being stricted to the shape which can be tiled in triangles of same size. The entire envelop is clad with same size triangle panels which comes in 5 different types of openings, and with these 5 types, endless variations on the facades were achieved.

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