Jardin Movil
This landscape proyect, was made to rethink the empty space, betwen two buildings of Universidad la Salle. We create a garden in the midle of this empty space, hoping that students, staff and teachers would use it as a place for meeting. We also propose a garden, trying to control the exesive temperature in the explanade. So we transform, an empty space in a massive meeting spot, for all the people in this school. This garden also was use to join both buildings, through a green tissue. the other point that this proyect was trying to prove, was social relations. Each part of the garden was taken by a specific social group, so we have like, the cool guys spot, the "nerds" spot, party-ladies around other spot. and so on. But we notice something about all this, this social groups were combining among they. being each garden cluster so close to others, causes interaction between members of diferent social groups. So we think, "we are like kind of making comunity". So we were further. Because this was a temporary garden, it comes the day that we pick it up, so sudenly there was no more garden, or comunity spot. Members of diferent social groups were confuse, "did it was dream?" We present this movile, this garden, as social critique. We were trying to stablish a point of view. Here in Victoria, the summer is realy hot, buy there are to much concrete slabs. No one seems to notices that, until someone makes a nice spot to be, a fresh space in the middle of a concrete slab. So, when all the people acepts the fact that there is a need of green spaces. just to push it further, we take away the garden and make a statement. No more concrete slabs.


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