Japanese Restaurant

The Taï Shogun Restaurant is a japanese restaurant built in the city of Rennes, west of France, on the renewed avenue François Mitterrand along the river Vilaine. The restaurant takes place on a triangular shaped plot at the meeting of St Cyr quay and the François Mitterrand avenue, next to a recent collective housing operation. It’s a 3 levels building plus an attic, above a basement floor. The volume arises from the respect for the authorized size, optimized in its height, while assuring the continuity of the skin treatment in front of the glazed dining rooms. The dark grey vertical aluminium slats provide the just insertion of the project while offering changing views playing on the effects of mass and lightness of the building. The frontal views are transparent through the building and offer a view on the river Vilaine. The diagonal views emphasize the massiveness of the building, assured by the perspective of the aluminum slats set. Each floor corresponds to a particular function : the kitchen at the basement, a bar on the groundfloor, sushis conveyors (kaitens) on 1st and 2nd floor, a grill (tepan yaki) at the attic level under a glass roof, they are connected by a panoramic elevator at the bow. This building realized with precision provides at the same time the role of urban articulation while proposing an unusual and gastronomic quality place. The panoramic elevator takes place at the thinner part of the plot forms sign in the daytime and at night. The horizontal notification is assured by the transparency of the ground floor.


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