James Blake House
The James Blake House (1648) is the oldest house in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It is in Edward Everett Square. This neighborhood of Dorchester is a few blocks from the Dorchester Historical Society. The house is located just a block from Massachusetts Avenue. Tours are given on the third Sunday of the month.

The house was built around 1661 by James Blake, an English immigrant. Blake used a Western English style of medieval architecture in constructing the house. The house left the Blake family in 1825 when it was acquired by the Williams family. In 1891 the City of Boston acquired the house. In 1896 the Dorchester Historical Society acquired the property from the City and moved the house less than 500 feet from its original location of Massachusetts Avenue. The immediate area, as well as the house, have been undergoing an extensive renovation and preservation. The house has been completely re-shingled and the grounds improved.

Building Activity

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