Jacobs Street Apartments

One of the central tenets of Modernism, beyond style, was the provision of mass, economical housing, constructed of authentic techniques.

Poverty is not a disgrace. Not everyone can have been born lord of a great feudal demesne. To try and act as if one is both absurd and immoral. We must not be ashamed of the fact that we rent a flat in a building with many other people on the same social level as ourselves. We should not be ashamed of the fact that there are some building materials which are too expensive for us…

Adolf Loos – Potemkin City
Ver Sacrum July 1898
The apartment project, located in the heart of Bankstown’s town centre. Comprises 54 apartments and 2 retail/ home office units that provide a diverse mix of accommodation.
Commodity, Firmness and Delight are translated into today’s currency:
- High Density
- Low Cost
- Environmental Performance
- Design Quality
The building is articulated in plan and elevation as a series of linked blocks along a circulation spine. Breaks and deep insets in the building volumes allow each part to clearly express its own organization, character and constructive technique.

The project has a distinctive architectural character and scale that will be an appropriate addition to Bankstown’s urban landscape. Large scale precast concrete wall elements are overlaid with finely scaled aluminium and mesh sun shading. The concrete panels have a paint finish, whereas aluminium elements are powder-coated in vibrant colour.

(text by Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects,
Architects in association)