Jaclyn Residential & Office Building

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Jaclyn Residential & Office Building
The building is located in the southern part of the city, near an expensive single-family houses quarter at the foot of the mountain. 
On assigning the project, the investor set the theme of wood. They initially saw the whole façade lined with wood but subsequently we had to find a less costly solution. 
The first image of timber we had while thinking of it as material was a pile of wooden planks. What we wanted to create was a hive of family houses perched on top of one another. Giving the inhabitants a chance to easily recognize their home in and out was a key objective. 
The building is composed of multiple volumes fitting into one another. We wanted a potential for motion and further development rather than a finite set of elements. The allocation of material and color across the site helped us “diminish” it and make it intelligible so one might grasp it in a single glance. The various graphical signs cropping up here and there on the boxes contribute to its being life-size. They are intended to put across a character, a face out of anonymity rather than just showing the way. A little nudge to suggest how open the design process is, so everybody can take it along into yet another direction. 
We consciously stayed away from unifying the homes and stringing them along a vertical. No two flats in this lineup are the same. 
Along with the wood we used two colours of plaster for the boxes. On top of the sticking out boxes beside the terraces there are green patches giving the illusion for a small courtyard. It is up to the owners to arrange their greenery. 
The building has proven to have a measure of social effect. We tried to foresee what kind of people would inhabit it. Wealth and status notwithstanding, we ended up with a Jaclyn apparently being liked by its residents, which shows it managed to strike a unifying chord in their tastes.


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