IXE Reforma 489

Next to the new landmark the skyscraper Torre Mayor -on Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City- a new adjacent building was done to expand their services. IXE Financial Group has a corporate building in Campos Elíseos and some floors in Torre Mayor, but the operation needs and growth make them decide to have more offices in this new building.

The challenge was to design a new version which stands out the main characteristic of the existing spaces, but with the objective of giving it a single personality. One of the elements that make the difference in this project was the interesting design of the ceilings that enhances the ambiance without missing the already established guidelines.

This is the third project that architects Gabriel Salazar and Fernando Castañón do with IXE Financial Group, the communication and trust bridges are beyond consolidation in this relationship, but most of all the respect for creativity. The experience this institution has had in the development of several projects in the last few years, has also matured and strength the relationship and the team.


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