Italian Restaurant MODE DI PONTE VECCHIO

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Italian Restaurant MODE DI PONTE VECCHIO
A spacious white interior with hanging tube lights This Italian restaurant is located on the top floor of a skyscraper. The interior has been designed to a minimum style, representing the owner and chef’s cooking style. The main floor is white with 6 metre high ceilings with 3 metre long hanging tube lighting units. These lighting units automatically lift up and down, rising up during the daytime; they help create a spacious atmosphere. The square windows allow natural daylight to flow in, blending the outside views into the interior. The units come down in the evening, providing calm lighting over each table. The chairs have been beautifully designed and nicely surround the guests. The tube lights are a mixture of LED and halogen lights, creating mixed patterns; these lights provide many different expressions for the guests, complimenting the dining experience. A space for supreme blessings This restaurant has over 100 seats and can be used for many different events and occasions. The entrance hall has special lighting effects that create abstract circular and cross-shaped motifs. The lighting welcomes all guests, creating a rich atmosphere as a wedding venue. The main floor can be used as a banqueting hall and the six private rooms can become wedding rooms and waiting rooms. Cappuccino ‘forms’ (variations) This restaurant space is over 700?. The main kitchen is located in the middle of the restaurant meaning the kitchen is very close to the and the guest tables; this ensures that they can serve the best cappuccino ‘forms’ (variations) to the guests in the quickest time.


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