Islands - conceptual projects on the water

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Islands - conceptual projects on the water
This series of projects are economic alternatives to man-made Islands. All of them have a specific connection with Sochi seashore, but could be made in any other water area. AIR-HOTEL could be realized on any water area – from town lakes to the ocean seashores. The main advantages are: 1. Much less construction cost (in comparison with man-made islands) for the full recreation complex. 2. All the water territory under the structure stays free from total construction. 3. There are two levels for relaxation – on the water (with several ponds of fresh and sea water) and in the air (the hanging hotel with a “web park`) The construction consist of the ring membrane, stretched on arms and fixed on 3 supports, coming to the bottom. The arms structure forms a “web park` with pedestrian roads and some plants – some kind of “hanging gardens`. Inside the membrane there could be a hotel with cafes, restaurant and winter gardens. You could reach this hotel two ways – from water (by escalator along the support) or from sky – by airship (there are special mooring areas on the ring for them) PIER-HOTEL - this is the most realistic vision for the development of marine piers on the site of a future Olympic Games. To re-built docking facilities have commercial value, are invited to supplement their plate hotels that are suspended in the rare individual pillars. The roof of the hotel becomes an additional public space, a smooth flow at the level of the coastal park. CATAMARAN- this concept is proposed to accommodate the opposite settled parts of the coast, where there are no places for development. In a continuation of the existing breakwaters built two accommodation blocks, between which perekidyvaetsya «artificial ground» with the necessary hotel public space. The vertical blocks are a kind of focus for the cabling structure of the platform and create an elastic and seismically stable structure. STARFISH - it is already full and autonomous island connected to mainland pedestrian-motor «stem». Five hotel towers, increasing the sea, forming the silhouette of the island and its interior space. Between them are green «leaves», covering social level flat forming hills and green «oasis». OLYMPIC ISLAND - is the most symbolic building in anticipation of the Olympic Games-2014. Not far from the coast are five rings of platforms (such as oil platforms), associated with each other and the shore road and pedestrian bridges. Each platform consists of a ring-shaped hotel with an internal atriumnym space in the center of which stands a tower with apartments. Following the symbolism of the Olympic rings, platforms represent the five continents - Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia. In the interior atrium created theme parks (tropical, mountain, etc.) and each tower gets his face painted «Olympic» color. The entire set with no less success could be in demand after the Olympic Games as a unique recreational facility. SOUTH FORPOST - the most ambitious version of the expansion of the sea. It is for the erection in front of the city center, as the sign-symbol beacon for the city and the country as a whole (hence the name). Symbolically represents the connection of terrestrial and aquatic elements - the horizontal part of the construction is a continuation of a coastal park, which is then transferred to a vertical plane, making it a «green wall», and addressed to the sea plane to glazing simulates the water ripple. In functional terms of the horizontal part is a pedestrian promenade and the road entrance to the parking lot, and in the vertical part is located apartment hotel with a panoramic restaurant and a review area at an altitude of 300m above sea level. With further development of concepts intended to maximize the use of environmental technologies - alternative energy sources (solar, wind, sea currents), the desalination of sea water, intense green roofs, the maximum utilization of wastes, etc. Despite binding to Sochi, a project could occur in any water area, forming ecological oasis in the heart of seaside resorts, and in places far from civilization.


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