Ten years ago, Iranian Artists forum had an army atmosphere and the military personnel was in charge of it. This place, generally, turned into ruins and became the hang-out for drug addicts. Based on the needs of the artists in different fields and using the appropriate design, this building was reconstructed and lecture rooms, exhibition rooms and different galleries were installed in it After 10 years, because of unprecedented enthusiasm of the addressees the management of the Artists forum announced the need for the new galleries to the previous designers of the project. After the assessment of the location of the project and the coordination with the available maps, Iranian Artists forum suggested the idea of installation of four separate multi-purpose auditoriums. These auditoriums in the unused space located in the back of the Artists forum were designed as such that the air conditioning system of the building's corridors will not be wasted and also access to the corridors of the House to the new auditoriums will be done using the connecting filters .For this purpose, the emergency exits that did not exist in the previous Artists forum for any of the auditoriums, were provided for all the auditoriums which were divided in 8 sections. The new auditoriums are not attached to the old one and the possibility of their connection to a hall is done through the corridors. This development was designed as such that the auditoriums themselves will have artistic and statute-like appearances and also will be the connecting axis between the northern sections of the H Artists forum to the Garden of Art. The designs after the preparation of the first stage maps in the garden space of The Artists forum were offered in a 3 dimensional form and were confirmed by the management of Iranian Artists forum . After the preparation of the first architectural phase, the second architectural phase and constructional maps were prepared. The constructional maps based on a very light structure with appropriate openings for the auditoriums were prepared. They were done as such that the least amount of metal per square foot was used. The structural design was as such that the execution possibilities were done with simple quality and fast.


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