Ipera 25

Ipera 25 stands to be an extraordinary new-build project introducing a unique example of 21st century architecture to the heart of Istanbul. The design contrasts with its historical surroundings in Galata where the architecture dates back as early as the Genovese era. Most of the existing buildings in this area are of brick construction, with high arched ceilings and solid wooden floor boards. Light can be an unusual commodity in these narrow cobbled streets. In contrast, Ipera 25 comes to life with a dynamic and innovative architectural style: a glass and steel shell brings about a flexible and adaptable space - adding an element of translucency by allowing light to shine its interior. Common spaces serve as the living organism of the construction, a glass elevator reveals the mechanical spine of the building. whereas private areas are simple. refined and homogenous. Old and new merge in the outer shell of the building where outlines suggest homage to classical architecture, bay windows reach out, whilst the outer shell retreats back, providing for the creation of truly innovative domestic modern architecture.

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