Iowa State Capitol
The Iowa State Capitol is the state capitol building of the U.S. state of Iowa. Housing the Iowa General Assembly, it is located in the state capital of Des Moines at East 9th Street and Grand Avenue. The building was constructed between 1871 and 1886 . For thirty-five years before construction of the current building started, a three story brick building housed the Iowa legislature. Today's capitol is on the same grounds, and is the only five-domed state capitol in the country. The building is brick with limestone from Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, and Illinois. Iowa stone is the foundation for the many porticoes of the building. Both front and back porticoes have pediments supported by six Corinthian columns each. The dome of the capitol is gilded in tissue-paper thin sheets of pure 23-karat gold, with a protective layer sealing the gold from the elements, and the top of its finial peak is 275 feet (83.8 m) above the ground. From its opening in 1884 until 1924 it was the tallest building in Des Moines, and probably the tallest in Iowa. Restoration work was done by Conrad Schmitt Studios in 2003. The four corner wings have the four smaller domes on top of them. The capitol grounds used to be only a four block area, but in 1913 the legislature expanded it by 84 acres (340,000 m 2) for $3 million, which was eventually used for other state buildings. The ground floor houses a cafeteria and administrative offices. The first floor includes the governor's office, the former chamber of the Supreme Court, and other Executive Branch offices. The first floor also contains four annexes to house historical battle flags from the state. As of 2009, only the northeast annex contains a battle flag, an 1862 Civil War battle flag. The others have been removed so that further preservation efforts may be carried out. In the western wing of the first floor is a 1/48th scale model of the battleship USS Iowa and a memorial to those Iowans killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. The second floor houses the chambers of the Iowa Senate and Iowa House of Representatives, committee rooms, and the state law library. The rotunda brings light into the basement from a circular opening of the Iowa State Capitol Dome as in many other state capitols. The rotunda houses a number of large pieces of artwork. In 1902, renovations installed electrical lighting, elevators, and a telephone system. However, a workman started a fire that destroyed the north wing, including the House of Representatives and part of the Iowa Supreme Court. The rooms and chambers of the capitol have a wide variety of Iowa wood and marble.

Uses In Popular Culture
- At the start of the music video for 'Dead Memories' by heavy metal band Slipknot, the lead singer, Corey Taylor, is seen leaning on a shovel outside the Iowa State Capitol.

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