interior of the GITIS academic theater

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interior of the GITIS academic theater
Educational Theater GITIS is a full-fledged training and theater complex, which includes the auditorium for 300 seats with classic scene (3 pockets, a turntable and the orchestra pit), repetition hall, ballet and dance classes, a hotel for artists, theater cafe and complete set of subsidiary theatrical facilities. Located in one of residential Moscow areas, this theater, to the authors, could create a new cultural point for it. The theater building has two different facade - deaf «armor» along the car's street with an entrance portal, and fully glazed facade with colored columns along pedestrian way. The interior of the theater is also built on contrasts. Entering into the central atrium, we find ourselves between two volumes - «wooden box» of the main hall and «black box» of the repetition hall, which are connected with orange «lightnings» of the footbridges. The ideology of two «boxes» has a simple explanation - in the «black box» creative process comes with unpredictable results, and in the «wooden box» this result reveals to a solemn public. The interior space of «boxes» exactly opposite to the outside - the main hall is totally black and repetition hall has a wooden interior. The outer wall of «black box», facing the central atrium, is an interactive installation, assembled from metal shutters, narrow strips of mirrors and color RGB-illumination. The wall reflects the «rain» of lighting fixtures, glass flasks, filling an athrium space. Vertical light «rain» supported by horizontal stripes of light scattered on the floor and ceiling in the side lobbies. The central atrium flanking by two side foyer located in the gap between the semicircular wall and two «boxes». The inner surface of semicircular wall will evolve into a huge theatrical decoration-collage, assembled from fragments of GITIS history and creativity.


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