Intercity Shopping Centre
Intercity Shopping Centre is a shopping mall in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It was one of the first shopping malls in Thunder Bay and is the largest of its kind in Northwestern Ontario, with 456,430 square feet (42,404 m 2) of retail space. Some of its stores include American retailers such as American Eagle Outfitters, UK based entertainment franchise HMV, and of course Canadian stores, such as Le Château. The mall was initially constructed in the 1950s on land that bordered the two former cities of Port Arthur and Fort William. Simpson-Sears was the first store to open on the site, and served as the largest store (Sears is still a staple store in the mall). Because the parking lot had not yet been paved, a large sign proclaimed "Please excuse our muddy face". It was built alongside a smaller strip mall that featured several smaller local businesses and national chains such as Loblaws, Woolworths and Consumers Distributors. In the 1990s, the entire Intercity site was redesigned. Part of the expansion would take place on land formerly used as part of the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition. The strip mall was demolished and a more modern mall was constructed with Sears and a new Zellers serving as anchor tenants. The mall is jointly owned by Osmington Inc. and the CPP Investment Board, a Crown Corporation created by Parliament in 1997 to invest the money of the Canada Pension Plan.