InterActiveCorp HQ
The IAC Building, InterActiveCorp's headquarters, is a Frank Gehry-designed building located in the Chelsea, Manhattan neighborhood of New York City. Completed in 2007, it houses the offices of IAC corporation. Reminiscent of several Gehry designs, it appears at a gross level to consist of two major levels: A large base of twisted tower-sections packed together like the cells of a bee hive, with a second bundle of lesser diameter sitting on top of the first. The cell units have the appearance of sails skinned over the skeleton of the building. The overall impression is of two very tall stories, which belies its actual 10-story structure.


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  • updated a digital reference
    about 6 years ago via Annotator
  • Tom Mallory
    Tom Mallory commented
    Doesn't this effect on the windows look like it was done by snow spray in a can? Really doesn't work for me.
    about 6 years ago via
  • Adel Zakout
    Adel Zakout commented
    It is built - I think your description is spot on. Very sculptural but can't really imagine it'd be so nice to work there..
    about 6 years ago via
  • Jacob Louis Slevin
    Jacob Louis Slevin commented
    I still can't tell if I like this build or not? It's fun and original, but likewise clumsy, no?
    about 6 years ago via
  • emerson1899
    emerson1899 commented
    A poor example of ghery's usually compelling work. Truncated.
    about 7 years ago via iPhone