Instituto Nacional do Cancer
Integration A large and welcoming internal patio, with the true dimensions of a piazza, is the starting point for the implantation of the project. From the central Piazza we have the general perception of the Hospital/Institute, permitting the various users - patients, visitors, workers, doctors, and researches – to have comfort and security, with the necessary friendly and with easy access to the establishments sectors. The integration will not only exist internally. The new piazza will be for the City, and will allow the pedestrians a passageway from the big city block, integrating socially the Institute and City. The “strong` authentic address – Praça da Cruz Vermelha (Red Cross Piazza) – will never disappear from the mind of the people as the address of INCA, and because of it, there will be the maintenance and valorization of the existing building (HCI), that will be remodeled and readjusted, receiving a new atrium that will be directly connected with the new Piazza. Located in the upper floors, there will be research centers, training and management. The new HCI will be directly connected with the “new gravity center` through a large structure that will be connected throughout all floors. The impression when we enter the new campus is that it will be possible to recognize the different sectors based on the forms of the buildings: • The new HCI remodeled and readjusted • The new big city square as a starting point, with distinct treatment for the areas of treatment and Hospital Stay. • The growing volume, that emerges from the underground, with its treatment areas. • And finally, the elegant volume that “floats` and welcomes the users on the entrance of the piazza. This element, central and perceived by all – inside and outside of the Institute, will locate the research center. The concept of the project tried to transform the Institute, its immediate urban surrounding, but ultimately, to better the relationship and consciousness that we humans have between sickness and health.


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