Instituto del Agua de Nuevo León

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Instituto del Agua de Nuevo León
PROJECT. IANL- Instituto del Agua de Nuevo León Parque de investigación e innovación tecnológica Apodaca NL. Mex. Site. 5,000m2 Built area 3,000 m2. Marzo 2008 CREDITS. Architectural Project. Arch. Alexandre Lenoir. director. Arch. Meliza Baez. Arch. Jose Luis Tinajero EXECUTIVE PROJECT LeNoir & Asociados. Arch. Vicente Tapia asociate. Arch. Ramon Garduza ascociate. Arch. Penelope Montes Arch. Perla Varela. PHOTOGRAPHI. ARCH. Eduardo Alarcón Ceballos. CONTACT PERSON Vicente Tapia Huerta Bch. Arch. T. 52 81 83450955. DESCRIPTION. The NUEVO LEON STATE WATER Institute (IANL) develops projects with the main objective of solving problems the State faces in water matters.. The institute has the best scientists, academics and students working and doing research on issues about treatment, recycling and collecting of water. The building has 3 levels. The first two are contained in a concrete regular prism and the 3rd level, at the top, is a smaller, lighter and prefabricated prism. The central patio distributes and illuminates the interior spaces in all planes. The prisms are worked as solid faces in south and west facades to avoid the hostile weather of the city and opened in north and south allowing the entry of the best light and wind. The principal faces have vertical parasols that in set with 3D diagonals help to “in frame` the accesses. The transition interior-exterior gets smoothed with the water mirrors and the water jets. The interior walls in axes parallel to the parasols have different kinds of glasses, all of them showing different transparency and colour tone allowing the users to see a complete view of life in the building. The edifice is perceived solid during day time and “see-trough` at night.


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