Information Technology & Communication Complex

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Information Technology & Communication Complex
IT knowledge is the most valuable commodity in the modern economy. Although IT is an inherently intangible; its assessment relies on the availability of creative people and a unique environment which helps to attract and assist them in upgrading and developing knowledge. Information Technology and Communication Complex (ITCC) is a unique project that provides a special environment to attract talents and encouraging the creation of a dynamic community of professionals. Attracting and hosting advanced information and communication technology companies to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The ITCC is developed on an area of 800,447 m2 designed specifically for IT and telecommunications, where the project supports and promotes the development of these two sectors in order to increase the opportunities of Saudi cadre into these fields. The ITCC will also Allow IT companies to compete; acting as a magnet for active international investments in this field. ITCC philosophy is to mix business with living and comfort. This mix will give a special appeal to the work environment, especially with the availability of communication means and modern technologies; creating a sustainable vital and dynamic community. The Master Plan design philosophy of the complex targets the creation of a consistent set of public arenas, green oases and green walking trails. Providing pedestrian public squares of green parks that are located along the lake to the region's entertainment hub that is surrounded by beautiful landscapes; merging the work place with the natural green oases. 18% of the land in this complex is dedicated to parks, water and recreational elements. Also the annexation of green areas within the roads, sidewalks and median plots constitute more than 25% of the total project area; reducing the building density and providing a more natural environment. The complex offers a variety of knowledge areas such as IT, ICT, research & development and higher technical education. The complex also offers many services such as high-class hotels, unique housing, social & recreational activities and commercial activities. All of which are linked together in a natural environment. The owners of the park, Public Pension Agency (PPA) are also the main developer of the complex; who are determined to develop and operate all the distinguished business, security and recreational services of the park which include: • Spinal Recreational Area which is designed in the heart of the ITCC attracting a host of various recreational activities and social celebrations; providing a unique walkway that surrounds green open areas. The ground level floor of the buildings was designed to be overlooking the recreational and commercial areas. These areas will include restaurants, shops and cafes along the spinal area. • Four administrative towers that surround "the Oasis of Knowledge" located on one side of the spinal entertainment area. These towers have been allocated to multinational ICT companies. These 20 story towers offer a distinctive architectural style and all means of comfort technology including: - Wireless Optical high speed Internet. - IP Telephone systems. - Electronic signature. - CCTV security system. - Streaming video. Electronically integrated security systems that allow only authorized personnel to enter designated business areas. Employee parking spaces provided through four underground floors, assigning parking lots for each tower. • All buildings in the spinal area have intelligent designs that provide all IT services which include: - Electronic library which hosts a variety of e-books and multimedia. - Business incubators which provide a professional environment to embrace distinctive small investors and help them to develop their businesses; achieving independence over a short period of time. - Research & Development Building that provides a distinct environment for R&D companies operating in the Kingdom allowing them to connect with all their branches worldwide. - Central Services & Government Building which provides all services needed by local and international investors. Services include visas, work permits, accreditation by Chambers of Commerce and branches of banks. Other services include mail and freight forwarders. - Clinics & Health Club, which provides health services to emergency situations through emergency clinics equipped with the latest medical equipment and a health club equipped with the latest fitness equipment. - A unique circular design Mosque representing the main element of the courtyard named "Deep Reflection", emphasizing its role in the Islamic culture and impact on the evolving direction of human thought; encouraging the link of religion teachings to modern technical science streams. - Five-Star Conference Hotel, one of the most luxurious in Riyadh with around 220 rooms, 40 luxury wings and royal & VIP suites. The hotel also includes several celebration, conference and exhibition halls; in addition to a full range of hotel services, swimming pools, restaurants, recreation areas, health club & parking. - Residential villas & nursery, a complex comprising of 22 twin villas and 13 single villas. Each villa has its own private garden, swimming pool and parking. - Recreational resident’s area located inside the fenced villas area for privacy; it includes parks, swimming pools, kids play areas and a child nursery. - Residential buildings, two separate buildings for families and singles. Each Building is surrounded by gardens and parking areas for each building. - Police and civil defense station, included for complex safety and security. All uses are supported by greenery, recreation, lakes, two levels of parking under the spinal area & four levels under the towers. Also included a modern six floor parking designed using the electronic management system (BMS), allowing visitors to identify free parking spaces and providing them with the option of using environment friendly electric buses to move within the compound. • Diversifying the economic base is a major goal for the ITCC, contributing further to the development of the labor force enabling the Kingdom to achieve the following objectives: - Developing the IT industry in the Middle East and meet the special needs in Saudi Arabia. - Take advantage of the available opportunities as a result of Saudi Arabia's accession to the WTO through the introduction of the best and most modern technologies to the Kingdom creating economic opportunities and new jobs.


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