Indus Satellite Greens

Indus Satellite Greens, Indore – A Mega Integrated Township foe 2100 families Introduction: ISG-Indore is a project designed and launched as an affordable housing for common man. At the time when the international market was crashing, real estate snooping down, the prices of houses were sky rocket in the city. All the housing products available in the market were beyond common mans reach. At such a time, the developer approached me, for designing a housing product which will suit the common man, with good compact house plan, Wide roads, Huge Gardens, and affordable price. Since the developer had to make there first project in the city, and that too at this bad economic juncture, it was a challenge. The existing entire housing market was investor based, which made the housed to the end users unviable, rather beyond their pocket. The people had no faith left in the developers as Big names of Real Estate came but with no visible developments on site, as it was investor based, so sold out to investors very fast but couldn’t reach the real users. With this back background I started the planning of this project. The Project: The Location of the project was at the fringe of the city, but not so far from the Main AB Road highway just 1.5km from the site. But to attract the common man till the Entrance of my project, few small visual magnets were planned all along the 1.5kn stretch. First the Approach road from the main road which was a narrow lane was made a 25’ wide concrete road with Trees planted on both sides, and with 2 grass mounds at the beginning to invite into Indus Satellite Greens, to make them feel about the green thing. As soon as we go a little bit an entrance to the area is made, from where the developments started. As soon as you enter the gate one Clock tower was planned, with wide central verge on the road and with Open huge Garden on the way. AS soon as one crosses the Clock Tower, the Commercial Complexes and a Central Greed Kids Plaza keeps them engaged. As soon as they the garden, they are attracted by a Temple made on a Huge Open Garden. Once a person reaches the temple, we planned a sample house just in front of it, a duplex, with complete flooring, painting, curtains etc. and this Duplex house made the visitors believe what the developer is going to give. As you come out of the house, u see a Grand Entrance Gate spanning around 500ft and about 30-32ft ht, gardens merged into it. Making it feel you are entering into a gate and also walking along a garden. A after the gate begins the project, with Duplex and Singlex Villas, then Again huge Gardens and in the end there are Ground Plus two Flatted Group housing. The complete project is planned on a area of 45 acres of land. And the first phase of 25 acres is completed. This phase constituted 330 Villas Singlex & Duplex houses. The Planning of Dwelling units were on 20’x50’plots, with 2bhk, 3bhk, 4bhk and 5bhk flexible planning, which a user can choose. The flats were all 2bhk. Features: Huge Open Gardens epitomizes the name, wide roads with pavers block to help percolate rainwater. The Natural drainage is not disturbed and the major drain is camouflaged in the central verge of the main road, covered with creepers. The project is self sufficient as the Commercial Complex cater to the daily needs, Colony bus service is there to help the residents to commute from the colony to the main road. The project is equipped with Rainwater Harvesting and the Waste water management system. The recycled water is used for the huge garden maintenance. And proper building project management led to fast on time completion of the project in around 18 months time. It was really a great time working on the project. The Success: the project got a heart full response as the planning was very user friendly, the gardens were huge and well designed and planned. At the time of economic recession, this project got 310-320 bookings in single day of its launch. Seeing its great response in such circumstances, it was covered by the CNBC Network, as one of the successful projects of the state may be in the country. Today the people are living happily. That is the real success I believe.

This Year 2012 the project has recieved National Award for Best Residential Township in Non-Metro city category in India by CREDAI, rated by D&B Inc.

Ar. G. Venkatesh. Architect-Urban Planner. Bhopal, MP India (Received Best Architect Award at National AICA (Artists In Concrete Awards 2011) in sports architecture for overall excellence)


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