Imperia Tower
Imperia Tower is a multifunctional 60-floors building complex that includes offices, a business center, a hotel and magnificent private apartments. The design image of the tower was created by the globally renowned architects, NBBJ. It consists of a harmony of elegant elliptical and hi-tech elements. It also enjoys a unique location on the first line of the Moscow-City International Business Center, directly on the embankment. This top class architectural solution places the Imperia Tower on a par with the most spectacular skyscrapers in the world. The tower has its own exit to the water and convenient access to the city’s main transportation routes. All of the tower’s windows have impressive panoramic views of the Moscow River, the Kremlin, the historical city center, the Vorobyevy Hills, Moscow University, Poklonnaya Gora and park areas in Western Moscow. The concept of the tower divides the space in four parts: IMPERIA Apartments (premium class apartments and penthouses) – almost 45 000 sq.m. IMPERIA Hotel - more than 30 000 m2 (250 rooms) IMPERIA Business Space (different level offices’ space)- 76 722 sq.m. Additional space (lobbies, escalators, etc) – more than 53 000 sq.m. IMPERIA Aqua park (Entertainment zone) and Underground (Parking) – more than 88 000sq.m. The territory of the tower also includes a luxurious part of the Moscow-river embankment for a moorage, cafes, restaurants and infrastructure development. Apartments. Private residential apartments almost 45 000 sq.m. large are placed on the 40-60 floors of the tower. Two upper floors are the magnificent two-level penthouses with all-round panoramic view. The separate entrance and elevators separate the apartments from the business space of the tower. Hotel. A hotel ensures a higher level of organization of all business and public processes of Imperia Tower and a higher status of the project itself. Thus the business society of the complex has an opportunity to accommodate its business partners close to their offices as well as conduct international conferences, official and non-official receptions and events. The Hotel is placed on floors from 33 to 41. But for 250 rooms it includes conference-halls, restaurants, a fitness-club and a spa-complex. Business Space occupies the three levels from 2 to 31 floor, and is divided into independent zones, all of them with complete facade glazing, free planning with wide columns pitch, which enables to most efficiently use the space. The light, the space and the purity of the panoramic views is usually a luxury for the business, but in Imperia Tower it is a prescriptive easement. Aqua park and the Parking is a different level entertainment zone, with several luxurious tiers with restaurants, cafes, boutiques and other attributes of the contemporary business, temporal and family lifestyle. The pearl of this part of the building is the largest in Europe aqua park. In lower tires there is a 4-level underground parking for 1435 cars. This particular zone is the link to the central part of Moscow-City, transport module and the moorings of the Moscow river. The futuristic, mirror-like Imperia Tower is an attractive combination of air and light, making it the main adornment of Moscow-City. The futuristic, mirror-like Imperia Tower is an attractive combination of air and light, making it the main adornment of Moscow-City.

Project participants
Investor: ZAO “Fleiner-City” Customer: ZAO “Aqua City Palace” General Contractor Enka Insaat ve Sanayi A.S. Architectural Design NBBJ Exclusive Leasing Agent: GDO City Properties

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