Imola via Padovani housing
The project fulfils a requirement for the building of 36 small apartments in an area full of vegetable gardens near the old city centre of Imola (BO). The area faces an old park that characterizes the Osservanza estate – the pavilions of the ex mental hospital are being transformed into a group of residences and services. The urban network situated around the area is simple, with parallel streets that give a double comb layout to the residential lots. The proximity to the park allows an easy access to the complex from both sides. The new buildings follow the transversal lines with reference to the area that connects the park to the street. There are four parallel blocks, shifted and staggered in order to obtain the right volumetric plasticity exactly in correspondence to an inflection of via Padovani (Padovani street). The blocks compose two buildings where the internal space is divided by long corridors. The apartments are located on two sides and they have an L–shape configuration, around an external loggia completely coated in wood, which faces all the rooms. The structure of each single building is settled on three longitudinal axis that support the floors leaving the loggias and the kitchens embossed. The external wall, of significant thickness, has a “Greek key` shape, which is different at each floor. From the outside they appear as closed volumes that are shifted on very thin white floors that reduce the thickness of the floors to the thinness of a sheet. At the top of the building the so-called “sheet` is longer in order to complete and preserve the game of the volumes; at the bottom it seems to float on the artificial soil of the hanging garden as a continuity with the park. Towards the street the lot is closed by a fence and an entrance in a rusty micro perforated iron plate. The wood is plywood marine, while the volumes are dense and have a strong thick plaster containing big stone inerts. The connection with the park is also ensured by a lateral path that connects the street to the park and that face both the driveway and the walkway entrances, defined by a roofing in concrete.


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