Iidabashi Station

The significance of Induction Cities lies in the search for better solutions to given conditions.

What were the conditions that Web Frame had to solve ?
There were three issues:
1. Restrictions on space.
2. Conditions imposed by each component.
3. The extension of the given space.

The first of these was an absolute condition allowing no margin for improvisation, just as one cannot choose the site when designing a building above ground.

As for 2., any variety of forms and quantities is possible under a Computer Graphic simulation, but in reality, conditions are imposed by the kind of installation that can be carried out. For example, it is difficult to achieve an intersection at the same point of five frame tubes with an angular variation of one degree each. Individual parameters were established to allow for automated clearance of such specific conditions. This is essentially the same kind of task as designing structural frames for conventional architectural work.

The third condition -- spatial extension -- became another parameter.
By specifying the approximate position and volume of component parts, the desired space is generated. This is a flexible specification. It is a lot of work to develop a program that will satisfy just these three conditions. Several attempts were needed to get it right. Even an automated program for designing a free frame "closed" in three dimensions turns out to be difficult. There are restrictions on the solid angles that can be employed, and all points must be joined together.

The issues here are different from those of conventional space frames assembled in regular fashion from materials with fixed angles. Simply because the degree of freedom is great, divergences can occur and lead in unpredictable directions.

Freedom can, of course, readily slip over into chaos. But an important element of this concept is to give the appearance of chaos while in fact obeying certain regularities. While the result may appear to be arbitrary and willful, the necessary conditions are rigorously met. The same can be said of chaos and of all forms of complex phenomena.

The coexistence of freedom and harmony !
This sounds like a catchphrase put forth at some kind of meeting by people fully aware that such a thing will never come about in reality. But this is not an empty slogan.

We are (just) beginning to see signs that it can be realized.

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