About Ibn Battuta Mall
The Ibn Battuta Mall is a large shopping mall on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai close to Interchange 6 for Jebel Ali Village. It is named after famous traveller and explorer Ibn Battuta. This project was completed by the Nakheel Properties group in early 2005. The names of the six courts of the mall are named after the countries to which Ibn Battuta travelled. The mall is split into six main courts: China India Persia Egypt Tunisia Andalusia
Linking shopping and circulation areas, all the major outlets found in almost all of the shopping malls elsewhere in Dubai and the Middle East are represented. Géant, a large French supermarket chain has a store here. The mall is an example of one of the many ambitious projects by Nakheel Properties in Dubai. Australian retail giant Myer has announced that it will have a store completed by 2010. Ibn Battuta Mall boasts the only IMAX theatre in the country and also offers a 21-screen Cinema Megaplex, located in the China Court. There are two large food courts, located at both ends (Andalusia and China) of the mall, as well as several coffee shops, scattered throughout the mall.The mall features exhibits of ancient technological inventions, especially from the Middle East.

China Court
The interiors of this portion of the mall depicts typical Chinese interior elements and motifs like that of dragons etc. and adds to the heritage of Chinese architecture, tradition and culture.The china court features a mock up of an old style Chinese sail ship featuring a stage in front of it for social activities and lounge space also accommodating the casual audiences viewing the on-stage activities.

India Court
Elaborate with extensive details of the typical Indian interior elements, this part of the mall is accredited to the Indian architectural style. It features a large lounge space under its interior dome which accommodates seasonal sales and activities of the mall. These include as a centrepiece a modern full-size working reproduction of an Elephant Clock, an Islamic invention consisting of a water-powered clock in the form of an elephant.

Persia Court
The Persian court features extensive Persian motifs and a wonderfully decorated domed ceiling of Persian Style. The Lounge below the court's domed ceiling features the famous Starbucks Cafe.