Huron Towers

Coordinates: 42°11′08″N 83°43′03″W / 42.18556°N 83.7175°W / 42.18556; -83.7175

Huron Towers is the name of a pair of twin apartment buildings in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

They are located at 2200 Fuller Court.

Huron Towers West

Huron Towers West was built in 1960, and stands at 14 floors in height. The residential high-rise includes a restaurant, retail space, and a fitness center.

It is designed in the modern architectural style.

Huron Towers East

Huron Towers East is the twin of Huron Towers West, and is built identically to it. The high-rise has the same facilities as its twin, built in 1960.

  • This twin tower complex lies outside of downtown.

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