Hudson Hotel
The Hudson Hotel is a boutique hotel located at 356 West 58th Street between Columbus Circle and Ninth Avenue in the Hell's Kitchen or Clinton neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City.

The building which currently houses the Hudson Hotel was constructed in 1928 by the daughter of J. P. Morgan as the American Women’s Association clubhouse and residence for young women in New York. During World War II the building housed Dutch soldiers. More recently, the space served as the headquarters for public television station WNET; the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour was broadcast from the building. WNET has since relocated to 450 West 33rd Street. In 1997, the building was purchased by Morgans Hotel Group and underwent a three-year renovation, to become a hotel, at the cost of $125 million. As with the Royalton Hotel, the Hudson Hotel was also renovated by Ian Schrager, former nightclub impresario, co-owner of Studio 54 and current CEO of Ian Schrager Company, and the designer Philippe Starck . Fitting the previous Schrager-Starck model of boutique hotels, the Hudson Hotel puts a high-premium on design, celebrity and publicity, which in turn attract attention to the hotel. When the hotel opened, it was the team's second hotel collaboration in New York, following the Paramount by 10 years. They made over the former dormitory to be a relatively affordable, but trendy hotel, with the goal described as "Cheap Chic". In compensation for the dimensions of the private spaces, which remained modest, the designers focused on creating impressively large and dramatic public spaces. These public spaces, including the Hudson Bar, Private Park, the Library Bar, have since become socializing spots for both tourists and New Yorkers. The Hudson Bar, with its signature glowing yellow glass floor by Mison Concepts and ceiling fresco by Francesco Clemente, hosts events such as dance parties, movie premieres and book launches, and has been featured in TV shows such as Gossip Girl and Sex & The City .