How to Download and Install the HP Utility application on Mac OS X?

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Apple devices give users the opportunity to print even without printer’s utility as it has a feature known as Air print that lets you print. But this doesn’t mean that one do not need printer utility on Mac OS X. if you are an HP Printer user then you should download and install HP Utility application on your device as it let you use other features of printer including scanning, print via email and so on. But at time, while performing clean install, one lose this HP Utility application or sometimes delete it accidently.

Although, most printer brand allows you to download their utility for free from their own website but this is not the same case with HP Printer. This is the reason experts of HP Printer Contact Number UK has summarized the process here in this blog to help you out. Follow the instructions given in this section to download and install HP Utility application on Mac OS X.

·         Click on System Preference which is located under the Apple Menu.

·         Then tap on “Print and Scan” icon and click the “Plus” button.

·         Now it’s time to select printer.

·         This is time to click on “use” drop down menu to select you printer model from the list.

Note: Make sure you do not select AirPrint as this will not allow you to use other printer features.

·         After that, click the Add button.

·         Next you need to double-click your newly created print queue and then tap on Settings.

·         Go to the Utility tab and select “Open Printer Utility”.

That’s all you need to do, after this you will be able to easily access HP utility. In fact, this application will automatically download and install your printer driver. However, you always have option to connect with printer experts on HP Printer Toll-Free Number UK @ 0808-101-3524 (Toll-Free), in case you find things troublesome for you. We are here to resolve your queries related to this printer.