How to Create a Bedroom Retreat

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Your life may be hectic, constantly busy and full of stress; you may also be a very social person who enjoys company and activity. Even so, you need a place where you get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. A quiet and comfortable place where you can recharge before heading back out to face the world again. That’s why your bedroom shouldn’t just be another room in the house. It should be a retreat; a place where all the stresses and worries of life don’t follow.

Here are a few ways you can create a peaceful bedroom retreat:


There have been countless studies done on the effect that lighting has on the human mind. A poorly lit space can lead to stress and anxiety but a well-lit, inviting room can provide you with a sense of calm and serenity. That’s why the first step in turning your bedroom into a retreat should always be to consider the lighting.

One simple lamp will not suffice for the whole room; you should look for multiple light sources. These don’t only have to be tabletop lamps, either. Overhead lighting, recessed lighting, and other sources can bring a good deal of versatility to the appearance of your bedroom. You should also install a dimmer so that you can control the exact level of lighting. Sometimes you’ll want the room to be bright and fully lit; other times you will want to bring a touch of romance by bringing the lights down. The more options you give yourself, the better your bedroom retreat will be.


Another feature of the bedroom that has been studied for its effects on the psyche is color. The color of the room you are in really does make a difference in terms of your emotional state. For example, a red room can make you excitable and raise your blood pressure. While that may be great for some rooms, it will not be for a bedroom, where you will want to make use of calming, soothing colors.

The most calming colors tend to be nature-inspired. Soft greens and gentle blues will boost your mood and calm you from the moment you enter your bedroom retreat. You can also make use of other colors, such as purple, which lends an air of sophistication to any room. Neutral colors such as various shades of gray can also enhance the elegance in a room greatly. You should always use paint on the walls in your bedroom; wallpaper is less versatile and more difficult to cover. Attention to color doesn’t stop once you’ve finished painting, however; you’ll need to consider it in everything from your bed sheets to your bedroom furniture.


Sounds, of course, matter as much as colors do when it comes to turning your bedroom into a peaceful retreat. First, you’ll have to consider how to make sure your bedroom is as quiet as possible. If anyone in your household is going to engage in loud activities or noisy tasks, try and isolate those activities from the bedroom as much as possible.

In general, it’s a good idea to isolate your bed completely from anything that makes you think of activity as it will awaken your brain and make it more difficult to sleep. Carpet flooring helps a lot in keeping the noise level down; while a wood floor may be more convenient in other ways, wood has a tendency to conduct sound more so than carpet does.

For many people, little white noises help them in relaxation and sleep. To achieve this, a fountain can provide the constant, relaxing sound of the trickle of water. You can also play nature sounds to help you relax as you meditate or fall asleep. You won’t want to offset all of these benefits with a loud alarm clock that blares at you, so consider getting one that wakes you up gradually with light or with less harsh sounds.


Your sense of smell also has a profound affect on your mood and you should do what you can to ensure your bedroom has a pleasant, relaxing scent. Of course, the first step to this is to regularly clean everywhere. If you have carpeting, which is great for sound, but can absorb odors, try to clean it regularly as well. Keep the windows open when you can to allow fresh air to circulate through your home as much as possible.

After you’ve taken care to keep everything clean you can seek out sources of pleasant, relaxing smells. A little bit of potpourri here and there can do the trick, as can a scented candle, or an essential oils diffuser. You can even consider placing fresh flowers next to your bed or elsewhere in your room. The brightly colored touch of life will be a natural mood booster and the pleasant smell will make your bedroom even more inviting!


We’ve covered how everything looks, sounds and smells, so let’s take a moment to discuss how everything feels. You’ll spend a good deal of time in your bed so it’s worth it to make sure it’s as comfortable as possible. Invest in a high-quality mattress, a large, sturdy bed, and high-thread count sheets so that you feel pampered every time you snuggle into bed. Regularly clean your bedsheets and replace your pillows whenever they start to become uncomfortable. While getting the most comfortable items for your home can prove to be a bit pricey, it’s well worth the extra expense considering the amount of use these items will get.

You should consider every aspect of your bedroom when turning it into a cozy retreat. From the look, to the feel, to the smell, every sense matters when you’re trying to give yourself a pleasant place to live.