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The site is in a quiet residential suburb on the outskirts of Osaka Prefecture. It is nearly 34 'tsubo' in area, (111.67 sqm), completely surrounded by other properties except a 4 metre section directly north, which faces a narrow side road.

The client requested the following three things. First of all, the house must be full of light! Next, the exterior must be extremely simple – like a block of tofu. Finally, the plumbing fixtures and living room must be on the ground floor.

According to these requests, and after judging the piece of land, I decided on a plan for a house that opened out widely on the south side. By then closing the plan completely on the north side, a simple exterior was achieved, with a light and open interior. The first floor contains the living and dining areas, a tatami mat room, kitchen, bath and laundry areas. The living room and tatami room surround the private garden. The design features a high ceiling above the living room to bring the light from the garden area into the house and at the same time create a continuum between the upper and lower floors.

On the second floor are the main bedroom and children's rooms. Each of the rooms has a loft space and attic storage space. Some of the loft space is exposed through the atrium and some is closed, so there is an adjustable connection between public and private space. The atrium provides a continuum between the public first floor and private second floor.

The central living area with two atrium spaces, a bridge and lofts link to form a complex labyrinth.

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