House Snapped

Two buildings, large and small, stand on L-shape plot adjoining at the corner. The form of the two buildings comes is as if one building snapped in two, and they are placed along the shape of the site.

A column stands at the adjoining corner of the two buildings, and four zones, yard, entrance, small and large buildings, are placed radially. Four zones can be shared or partitioned using sliding doors.

The composition of this residence was inspired by a phrase of the client couple, "stranger hours". This is a witty phrase describing the relationship of the couple, which is not always stereotypically close but sometimes distant like strangers.

The antonym of "stranger hours" may be "shared hours". The large building incorporates living room, dining room, and kitchen where the couple spend "shared hours" and the small building in the back of the plot incorporates bedroom, bathroom, and toilet where the couple spend "stranger hours".

The height of the ceiling and flooring materials are chosen according to the nature of the space in order to increase the quality of the time the couple spends together, whether it is "shared hours" or "stranger hours". For example, the living room has vaulted ceiling and flooring with high reflectance material for the voices to reach one another. The bedroom has low ceiling and flooring with sound absorption material to keep tranquility.

The yard, where the couple and their neighbors exchange greetings, is covered with soft lawn. The entrance, which accepts all kinds of guests, has whisper concrete finishing which gives more formal impression.

Four zones placed around the column may be flexibly used according to the situation, allowing a compact and comfortable lifestyle.

- Akio Nakasa -

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