House of Vision

House of Vision is a private home in Shiga, Japan by FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects that is designed to shield the client from neighbours. The house features largely blank exterior elevations but has large windows looking onto an enclosed central courtyard.

The lot is located at the foot of a hill where the fields and houses are mixed together. The client’s desire was “to live while feeling nature without being bothered by looks from the neighbors”. To make the best use of the lot, the planning was designed to enclose the lot with the trench extended beyond the building, and to provide an interior courtyard as the center. The position of each opening is carefully designed in consideration of “what to take in and what to conceal”. Specifically the position and form of the opening of the living/dining room with kitchen on the second floor is most effective in concert with the interior. In this house, the most important theme is “how to close/open” in the open environment.


20 photos and 2 drawings

Building Activity