house no.12
The project realized after not so brief polemic with the client who already was in proper place for his collaboration in house no.3 which was a great experience at its own time. among all the topics which came out from the swarming debates, the subject of "none style", or "out of clear parameters of every day concept of hegemonical wave of contemporary architecture "became the most agreeable matter; and consequently getting in to the under layer aspect of space and the fundamental matter of related to it, which is phenomenological procedure toward architecture. For all debates I had about the simple topic and somehow vulgar notion of "scale" and its relation to proximity and precision mutually we agreed on the fundamental topic of proximity and precision. The project became a small house 300sqm located in a 2500sqm lot. The following text was the first attempt to dissect the subject to the jury which was representing the client; and gave me the permission to build the house. Precision in a linear time ware, occur after the proximity. In fact, raising one, end up to the different consequences. Precision passes and raises above the proximity relaying on ergonomical logic and the economy of environ. Proximity and precision constructing the form and creating the meaning of composition .but this composition is the consequence of different time length entities. Precision and time consuming have a direct relation. It means that proximity is part of precision process in both directions which ends up to more precise or proximate. It is true that all proximities are part of precision process; they build the building. That means the composition is the result of time differ incidents. All the architect effort is to achieve the precision. In other word synchronizing all the different time properties of materials. House no. 12 is experiencing the collective destiny of unequal time length material in a close set. All the neighboring of entities is exploration of the decay. "Decay" is the counter process of proximity to precision which happening in house no. 12. In short, the process here is the xenograft of nature on to the House: transposing entities from an entirely different species to another, in a frozen and preserved condition corresponding to their in situ status {i.e. natural position}. A body of capture rather than enclosure or superficial {tethered to the logic of visible surfaces} openness.


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