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the house is situated in the first neighborhood outside the old city in jerusalem. the neighborhood is dated from 1868 and is located in the heart of jerusalem making a rare house this neighborhood was built by jews who arrive to jerusalem from north africa. the house was built by a ottmanian style and consists of 3 room around a closed court yard and anther side storage\bathroom next to it(that was added in a very basic way, there is also an exterior garden that was not used and a well . each room in the house was used for a single family at the time and the courtyard was used to the public use. the house at one time had 3 diffrent families -one jewish one christian and one muslim the house was neglected for many years and when our clients bought it we had to deal with a very poor condition with no infrastructure where there was layers of additions that where done to the house during all these years. our gole was to understand the original situation of the house and to addapt it to our clients needes and modern use. since the house is under the catagory of the department of preservation we had to number the stone in order to rebuilt some walls and any change was coordinated with them. our idea was to connect the earth and the sky to dialog between the permenant and the changable, between the old and the new, using and opening prespectives in the house connecting inside and out, adding modern matirials and details inorder to keep the volumes and basic form by the olans you can see it consists of 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms where we are re-using the closed court yard as the public area of the house with the living room and dining room situated under a large skylight where you can sit under the sky, next to it we placed the kitchen where the storage was once and we added 3 bathroom, an office and a cinema room in the well.


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