The volume of house “MiŠ” follows the form and proportions of the nearby kozolec (hayrack) - a typical Slovenian vernacular architecture of the countryside. Dark fibre-cement roof tiling continues down the northern facade and protects the house from the local road that passes nearby. On the other side, to the south, the house opens up to light and rural scenery. Two large dormers penetrate the southern roof featuring large wooden sliding shutters. The same uniform wood batten pattern is repeated on the ground floor windows' shutters and the siding that envelopes the spacious entrance into the house.
The house is raised 70 cm above ground level due to flood protection. This height difference provides a playground for landscape design around the house.
Inside Mouse House features a rational floor plan: a kitchen with a longitudinal window for greeting visitors on arrival, a south-oriented living room and a playfully designed wooden staircase leading to the rooms upstairs. Rooms have direct access to a glass-floor platform that also acts as a sun-shade for the ground floor terrace.


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