House K in Hokkaido
Japanese architect Yoshichika Takagi has shared with us images of House H that appeals to the residents by creating an interior outdoor environment. The residence is conceived as a collection of archetypal housing forms containing individual functions arranged within a covered exterior-like environment that references the urban fabric of a traditional fishing village interpreted on a smaller scale in the midst of suburban sprawl. The contrast between the larger envelope and the decentralized program is clearly seen with the difference in material: an all white shell with a large pitched roof encases the smaller natural wood-clad components. The kitchen is left in the open space in the middle of the house as the common link and the social area of the construct, like a town square. The six surrounding volumes, arranged at different angles with different views to create the feel of a heterogeneous town, provide privacy within and additional spaces on their 'rooftops'. Unlike the residential units that make up a larger-scale urban fabric, these components benefit from a protected 'exterior' area to use the partitions for secondary functions such as the full-height shelving that backdrops the living room or the concrete section holding a central wood-burning fireplace.

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