House in Zapallar
HOUSE IN ZAPALLAR One of the essentials tasks of architecture is to give an identity to the place were it is located defining the land values more than dividing its territory. The plot located North West of the road between Zapallar and Papudo, is set on a slope of approximately 15 degrees. It consists of a rocky area full of cracks and a natural creek that divides the property in half. We defined three longitudinal axes parallel to the sea, allowing the main corridor, living quarters, bedrooms and terraces to be positioned facing the shore were the waves bursts. This corridor, similar to the ones found in the older houses of Valparaiso and in the old Chilean country houses, provides independent access to all the living areas and bedrooms. Because of the topography of the land, a corridor was designed on two levels: the upper level gives access to the living areas while the lower level serves the bedrooms. There are thus two floors though only the top floor can be seen from the road. To complement this internal separation, a double vault roof was designed which, visually differentiates the corridor from the noble areas. To give the main bedroom more privacy we took advantage of the natural stream to separate it from the rest of the house. The upper corridor bridges this stream thereby connecting the two gardens. There are terraces on both floors facing the sea. These terraces, which project over the rocks, also serve as exterior corridors. The concrete floor on the lower level supports the upper floor, which rests on a base of metal columns. These support laminated wooden beams above the height of the walls thereby keeping the roof in suspension. The spatial beauty of the corridors, the linear alignment of the living quarters and the contrasting outdoor areas in this house, embody a modern interpretation of our traditional Latin architecture. LAND AREA: 16,000 Sqmt. HOUSE TOTAL AREA: 780.08 Sqmt. HOUSE GARDS AREA: 97.35 Sqmt. MAIN MATERIALS: Concrete, steel, laminated wood beams, crystal thermo-panel and original patagonic wood.


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