House in Venice, CA

The mid block location for this new main and guest house on a consolidated flag-shaped site in Brentwood offers quiet from street traffic but an unconventional relationship with respect to surrounding residences. The house is designed to be a continuous concrete shell that stretches to follow the program as it is dispersed across the unusually shaped site.

The dynamic structural system will be a continuous reinforced concrete shell comprising the roof plane, concrete piers, exterior walls, and rooftop light monitors. The three-dimensional form of the concrete piers contributes to the efficiency of the overall structure, eliminating the need for beams and dropped reinforcing soffits in the roof plane.

This concrete system allows for a high degree of openness in both the exterior facade and the interior. The concrete will be pneumatically placed concrete or shotcrete on pre-fabricated forms. The shell will be exposed on the interior and clad with 3 custom metal rain screen and integrated photovoltaic panels on the exterior. Four large custom skylights project up from the roof over the public spaces — living room, dining room, library and media room - bring in natural light and provide ventilation. The three flat portals bring natural light in the bathrooms and wine room.

Exposing the concrete shell on the interior provides substantial environmental benefits in this climate. The additional mass of the overall structure will minimize temperature variation throughout the day. A hydronic floor heating and cooling system throughout the house will moderate temperature. The house's thermal mass combined with nighttime ventilation through the skylights and the floor system eliminates the need for air-conditioning on all but the hottest days. A high velocity cooling system will be installed in spaces where additional cooling is required on peak heat days.

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