House in Oeiras
The project includes the construction of a new body, to the west, organizing two new bedrooms en suite, downstairs, living and dining room turn to the garden and roof turned in an accessible terrace. This construction is admittedly different from the existent, both in terms of construction as in terms of its general scheme, in order to keep the legal distances to the lateral boundaries.

The old building is redesigned inside, adapting itself to the new proposed program, but in such a way as to maintain its essential characteristics. The base of the building is redrawn, allowing the enlargement of the parking space, currently very narrow. This peripheral limit, in exposed concrete, creates semi-outdoor spaces in-between the two constructions, acting as a unifying dement to the whole. On the other hand, and to smoothen the large volume of the current house, this new base is slightly higher, which creates the illusion of a smaller construction.

Behind this unifying base, arise the volumes of the existing building and of the extension to the west, leaving us the dear reading of the conservation on the first and a subsequent intervention of contemporary character on the second, at the same time the base and the relationship between the both involve them in a clear set.


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