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The residence, located within a typical plotted, semi-detached development in New Delhi, principally sets to revisit the Asian lifestyle in a contemporary architectural setting. A bi-faceted attitude is adopted; one, which is reinterpreting the Socio-Cultural shift of the Indian family in the contemporary Urban Global locale and second, an environmentally sensitive approach to contend with Delhi's extreme and harsh climate conditions. The architecture is conceived as a spatial network, where the spaces metamorphose themselves to adapt to changing need. The brief calls for a residence for three generations of a family, which also houses the workspace for the couple themselves- a design studio in addition to doubling up as a hub of creative and cultural activity for the like-minded people of Delhi. Most spaces are hence designed, to adapt themselves as per the varied program through the year. Privacy and Lifestyle are co-runners that aid in determining all three; the private domain of the nuclear family, the shared spaces used by all three generations and subsequently the networked domain by way of a cultural epicenter of the city. Set within a conventional urban environment of non-descript, post independence, Delhi architecture, the project is conceived as an oasis within which the house stands open and transparent, integrating the inside to the outside world. Environmental dampening plays an integral role in achieving this oasis/garden habitation with networks of greens and open spaces, air movement and visual connectivity permeating into the built form. This is a Spartan environment where light and air are celebrated. The planning, orientation, structure and materiality of the house respond to the essential passive energy efficient techniques suitable to the Delhi climate. It incorporates high thermal mass in the west, earth damping for the basement studios, landscape buffers on the south, high performance surfaces on the east and a large cavity on the barrel roof along with a water body on the top terraces. The courtyard concept has been radically re-interpreted and along with Landscape, earth, Daylight simulators and CO2 sensors, there is an entire eco-system living and growing in the heart of the house.


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