House in Morumbi
The site is located on a hill side overlooking the city of Sao Paulo. The project takes advantage of the natural site grading, creating spectacular views and keeping a sense of privacy.

The project is divided in 3 levels. All services and car park are on the underground level; pedestrian access from the street is through an open courtyard with native landscape and art that connects with the car park for an everyday use.

A stair leads up to the ground floor.

The main entry is through a double height gallery as a hall to the public areas on this level such as living room, library, dining room, music room, projection room and kitchen. The gallery's angle opens up to the terrace, exterior dining and pool area. Most of the year this will be the main gathering space of the house.

The pool separates the garden from the terrace. A pavilion located in the garden can be used as a den or a guest room. Water is an important element as fountains blend with the pool and link the main structure with the pavilion.

Views from the interior spaces on this level were studied to create different environments for each.

The stair, towards the upper floor from the gallery, leads to the family room; it has an open terrace overlooking the pool. The roof on this area is an important element of the project as it covers the gallery below and the family room, extending over the terraces on both levels, giving solar protection to the large windows.

On the upper floor are placed private and more intimate areas; a bridge over the gallery leads to the master bedroom.

The children's bedrooms are distributed around a long vestibule with a glass roof, adjacent to the family room.

The house is broken into different volumes linked by the central higher roof. Special interest has been given to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces and views to the beautiful garden and courtyards.


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