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LOCATION AND ENVIRONMENT This Specification and Justification refers to the architectural project for the construction of one-family house that the owner Maria do Carmo Mendes Lopes intends to effect a land located in Sapaí­nho. The concept of the proposal assumes the purpose of using a modular construction system and this solution has emerged for the speed and the applicant need to have a house to dwell briefly. The image of the house, took a paper disk and highlights in space due to the chaotic and confusing nature of the surroundings. SOLUTION PROPOSAL At first, the choice of intervention in this area went through the recovery of existing housing. This house, with whom the applicant has emotional ties, no longer a matter of development but was not considered important because it fulfilled the necessary conditions of habitability required. The challenge by the applicant, where the weather was the key player, has the option of building a new volume, identified as housing. This volume will be developed in prefabricated concrete polished white, in a series of U-shaped molds, and these will be placed on a slab that arises between the existing piles. The terrain will keep the existing character, with stone walls, piles and uneven existing housing area will function as an annex. In order to keep the memory of this house, the walls will be chopped up to expose the granite and the south elevation will be dismantled half wall to the sill level of creating a courtyard between the street and attachment. It is intended to keep the lid tilted but in a more current, replacing the ceramic tile usual for steel plates Cor-Ten. The new volume, developed in type T2, there will share 93.20 in order to be protected by the adjacent street and due to the constraints of leaves with neighbors. The access to housing, will be torn down the stairs in the existing wall, lined with Cor-Ten steel. The housing is developed on one floor with the entrance in a central position. It is intended that this element is the generator of space and in turn divide the dwelling into two volumes by identifying social and private areas. Thus the functional and spatial organization were clearly defined with the same division. Proportionally, the volumes have the same relationship will be implemented in prefabricated concrete polished white, with a metric assumed and architectural image refers to the volumes in Cor-Ten steel, they too rigid and will be aligned with the lower level of the slabs cover concrete. The mode of living of the applicant, is distinguished by simplicity and rationality imposed on the project. In the first volume of concrete, the social areas where a kitchen and common room are divided by a wooden furniture. In the second volume of concrete, two rooms with private sanitary facilities. The size of the entry identifies a hall and a sanitary service. Due to the stereotomy elevations, each highlighted by a prefabricated element, the openings are on the tops of concrete elements and side elevations, two of the concrete will come from no longer manufactures the vertical supports are bolted to adjacent elements. As for the volume processed in the Annex, will be reclassified in order to serve as a storage area and maintain the existing rural character. As for exterior repairs, maintain the existing character, and only reshape the automobile and pedestrian access to street level. CONSTRUCTIVE ASPECTS AND FINISHES In terms of construction, housing will be implemented in prefabricated concrete Box Culvert type, slab supported by a balanced four meters of slopes. This structure will finish, hand polished white concrete and the roof will keep the same side of the image being formed layers of pending concrete so that the rainwater will follow its normal course. Only the volumes lowered, Cor-Ten steel, will be covered with flat screens and finishing livestock. As for interior trim, all walls will be lined with expanded polystyrene coupled with Viroc and maintain the stereotomy abroad. As the ceilings are plasterboard on polystyrene coupled with waterproof, will keep the alignments of the elevations and interior will be painted light gray. As for floors, concrete will all be stroked. The exterior window frames are wood with final Tacular Bondex staining mahogany. The interior window frames, moldings, baseboards and paneling will be MDF for painting and will to perform according to the project implementation. The bays of rooms will be protected internally by automatic roller-screen black-out. The systems of water supply and drainage of sewage will be linked to their existing infrastructure. Will install a stove. There will be pre-installation for fan coil units. It would have pre-installation for heating water by installing solar panels. The interior compartment, (toilets), will be equipped with ventilation system according to specific project


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