House Arc

Inspired by a bike rack, Palo Alto Architect, Joseph Bellomo, has designed a sustainable, off-grid prefab home called the House Arc. This curvaceous modular home by Palo Alto architect, Joseph Bellomo, is joining the ranks of affordable, modular housing. The house is expected to withstand tropical winds and weather. Going by the renderings we see, the roof of the house has solar panels so it would be able to generate a good part of the juice it would require.

“We’re going for a kit of parts that the average person can assemble quickly–like an IKEA house, only easier to put together,” says Bellomo.

The prototype 150-square-foot module weighs only 3,000 pounds, and all the components can be flat-packed into a box that is 4-by-10-by-3 feet, for easy shipping. Now Bellomo is looking for sponsors that are interested in sending hundreds of insta-houses to Haiti.


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