The building is located in a historic village close to the center of Moscow. The work was hampered by a small plot and a large number of old trees that had to be maintained. In the village, houses are fairly close, so the entrance facade has virtually no windows – the main rooms are facing the interior of the site where the two wings of the building form a cozy courtyard. The premises, are located along the southern facade for maximum direct sunlight. Above a double height living room, there´s a roof garden. In this garden there is an exit connecting to the corridor on the second floor (bedrooms). Below, on the first floor we find the public areas (living room, dining room, ancillary buildings), and on the second floor the master’s and children’s bedrooms, and an office. Skylights on the roof bring natural daylight to the interiors. we call our architecture - aesthetics of chaos. Conventionally, of course. Almost all our projects we use the method of random sorting and (self-) organization of forms which is superimposed on the functional scheme, because architecture can not ignore the interests of the people. The next important step - finding a balanced artistic decision. Every element, every single item we carefully draws by hand, and then build a computer model. Any object - it is something whole. Weight mated with the space through the plastic forms, graphs of lines, it is promoted and the color and material, and texture. We seek wholeness of form and space. Architects: za bor architects / Peter Zaitsev, Arseniy Borisenko Location: Moscow, Russia Principal Use: Residence Engineer: za bor architects Structure material: Concrete Constructed Area: 560 sqm Project year: 2004-2006 Photographs: Zinur Razutdinov, Peter Zaitsev


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